Configure Hidden Service on VPS with Whonix


I read the whonix’s documentation about how to configure a hidden service in whonix but, how can if I want to install whonix into a VPS how can I achieve it? Should I rent a RDP with windows, install virtualbox and create a virtual machine with Whonix? Is that the only and most effective way or is it better do it using linux? If so, is there any guide about it?

I am trying to find a guide or tutorial about it but I don’t find it, if someone could help me I’d be grateful.

Best regards

NO!! :slight_smile:

I guess you could do as follows:

  • rent a Linux VPS, maybe a vanilla debian, with enough horsepower (RAM/CPU) to run both VM (not too much if headless, depends on what you run as a hidden service on the Workstation I guess). How you can rent a VPS while staying anonymous is a whole other topic.
  • Install qemu/kvm and download and extract the Whonix kvm compressed files. Instructions here:

Then it’s just a matter of setting up the VMs to your liking. I guess you could also prepare the VMs in a local machine, and then upload them on your VPS so everything works right out of the box. You would also probably need some means to communicate with the Workstation, such as a SSH server (also running as a hidden service).


Hi acis

If you have extra hardware at home you could test everything out locally. Thats what I would do.

Once you have a server that supports remote administration, Whonix won’t
really introduce anything special that you couldn’t test locally beforehand.

acis via Whonix Forum:

Should I rent a RDP with windows

Better with Linux (or even Qubes) if possible.

Spyware infested OS plus ancient insecure admin protocol.

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Thanks! I got it following those steps :slight_smile:

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