Whonix KVM - Debian Buster based released

This is the first release in the Whonix 15 series. The version number was bumped up because we are now tracking Buster as our base. To get an idea of what major fixes and features have been included in 15 check the links below:


Download Whonix KVM here:


@HulaHoop Does it replace Whonix 14 for KVM? I don’t see an option to download Whonix 14 anymore, only this version, is it on purpose? Also, is there any option to download a CLI version for KVM?

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I always like to make version available so user support is more manageable. Since 15 is functional it should be OK.

No, but if this is more widely requested I don’t see why not. I don’t mind running the build twice if there is a big no. of people depending on it. I guess KVM is a favorite of data-centers and a cli version hosting a HS is plausible usecase, but I need to know if this is how others feel.

Yes, I guess a good use case scenario would be for instance @acis request:

Also one could also run a XFCE gateway with minimum RAM.


Should I upgrade ASAP to Whonix 15 KVM ? or it’s just testing. And it’s okay if I use 2 more months Whonix 14 until Debian buster is released ?

Yes you should upgrade.

Hi @HulaHoop
Is there a version coming soon?

As soon as I have some free time I’ll upload a new one.

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