Changing SMF theme

i think its time to add some beautiful touches on whonix. i need touches that can shift whonix from the look “age of stones” to the “modern look”; with some actions moves in it 8).

so i came cross some options. also dont forget that we can make combinations between two or three …etc from these themes and modifying colors …etc.

if u have better theme/list pls share it with us. but pls take a look at the links below and c how i would like to c whonix look like.

Note:- we are using 2.0.x version of smf.

A- from smf themes:- http://custom.simplemachines.org/themes/index.php

1- premium theme :- http://demo.smftricks.com/index.php?theme=30

2- greeny :- http://demo.smftricks.com/index.php?theme=64

B- from design studio (their work) themes:- http://www.dzinerstudio.com/index.php?action=portfolio

Note:- go to this page http://demo.dzinerstudio.com/ and choose the name of the theme mentioned below and c it as demo (top right/left of the website page).

1- Level :- http://demo.dzinerstudio.com/smf2/index.php?theme=56

2- Gearbox :- http://www.dzinerstudio.com/index.php?topic=7654.0

3- Cargo :- http://www.dzinerstudio.com/index.php?topic=1797.0

C- from awesomestyles website:- http://www.awesomestyles.com/smf-themes

1- http://www.awesomestyles.com/smf-themes/view/bullet

2- http://www.awesomestyles.com/smf-themes/view/armageddon

  • Note:- this topic is closed , since whonix team decided to change the forum software to discourse.

for whonix forum software changing press here

if u r facing bug/issue/problem with discourse please mention it here

or open new topic/thread. thnx

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