Can't Create a Reddit Account

Maybe I’ve gone retarted but I can’t seem to be able to create a Reddit account in Whonix/Tor. The recaptcha passes (I see a green checkmark), but submitting the form gives me an Invalid Captcha error. Anyone else having this issue?

Just switch to a new circuit ad try again

Google Captcha is cancer. Sometimes you just answer 15 times correctly and at the end it doesn’t work. You just have to try over and over with new circuits I guess.

Ideally https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Tor_Browser#Bypass_Tor_Censorship would address this.

I’m still new to Tor but I’m trying to better understand its protocol (thanks to this community for the inspiration). This may sound naive, but wouldn’t be possible to build a tool that does the following: a) Retrieve a list of blacklisted exit nodes (this must already exist somewhere); b) Help selecting a non-blacklisted exit node.

Is it possible to somehow target a specific exit node? If not, perhaps the tool could aim at them geographically and switch circuits until it finds one. I understand that targeting nodes might leak information. This would an incentive for users to use this tool sparingly.

No, This is not Tor issue this is reddit issue that they need to stop blocking exit nodes.

No, because you cant know which one and Tor doesnt work like that because its again reddit issue for having nasty disrespectful to privacy captchars.

Yes possible.

Everything documented read Tor Design&Documentation.

I understand that everything is documented. :slight_smile: I’m in the process of reading the whitepaper. The beauty of casual conversation is that the interlocutor does not have to be an expert to chip in. I appreciate you taking the time to address the points on what seems to be a stupid idea.

This statement is quite interesting:

This is not Tor issue this is reddit issue that they need to stop blocking exit nodes.

Duh! Why didn’t I think of that. Problem solved.:laughing:

The other answers here suggest that not all exit nodes are equal. Some may be blacklisted, others not, so it seemed like a probabilistic exit node selection tool would be better than randomly switching circuits. That was just spitballing an idea, not any kind of criticism against Tor or Whonix.

The list of Tor relays is public so they’ll end up fast in blocklists. By having such a tool available the unblocked exit relays would get blocked faster due to again too many requests from the same Tor exit relay IP.

related FAQ:
You should hide the list of Tor relays, so people can’t block the exits.

Thanks for the answer @Patrick! It helps me better understand the issue.

TFW ppl trying to register to Reddit in 2019. Been browsing it as guest for a few years already, mostly to get news from a few technical subreddits. Much better than diving into cancerous comments and having to deal with the sociopaths and shills who moderate pretty much all the subreddits.

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