cannot execute binary file: Exec format error

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I get firefox but cant run it. :frowning:

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Could you go in more detail? Proper context is necessary.

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I guess you are using 32 bit Non-Qubes-Whonix and installed 64 bit
software. Through an undocumented way.

Generally, use apt-get. Only if there is no alternative and a strong
reason do manually install.

Firefox is called iceweasel in Debian and already installed from Debian
package sources.

But you should not use firefox / icewesel in Whonix anyhow. Use Tor
Browser. Why and documentation:

See also:

My previous post is talking exactly about all of that. You are most likely using 32 bit Non-Qubes-Whonix. (There is no 64 bit version unless you build it yourself from source code.) So you cannot use firefox x86_64. (x86_64 is included in the link that you posted.)

I was think that it’s a universal version for 32 and 64 bit OS.

I use it Whonix ™ for Windows, macOS, Linux inside VirtualBox

There is no universal version. It’s Non-Qubes-Whonix and for now 32 bit.

And what is Qubes-Whonix?

Here no work standard programs in Whonix?

Please use search engines first then you can find answers to such questions yourself.

The simplified answer “anything works”. Please refer to post 3:
cannot execute binary file: Exec format error - #3 by Patrick

Of course Whonix is Linux based so Windows software will not work out of the box and requires…

And what soft into Whonix can I install to solve this problem?
For example the pseudo-VM that uses the kernel of the Whonix - Linux and allows what we need - standad Linux capabilities.

There are standard Linux capabilities in Whonix. There are no artificial restrictions in Whonix. Explained here:

Whonix ™ - Anonymous Operating System

“same as in Debian” (i386, 32 bit, so very common and all fine and what not) as per:
Free Support for Whonix ™

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@Lana: You seem to have quite a few different issues which may or may not be based on a simple misunderstanding of Whonix and the base it uses. Please read at least the most basic parts of our documentation, as this will probably clear up quite a lot of things.

Furthermore, as mentioned in one of your other threads, the way you formulate questions and tell us the necessary information to help you is rather unhelpful (for example, just posting pictures in a thread with no cohesiveness), so it might be a good idea, if you took a look at this text on proper question asking procedure: How To Ask Questions The Smart Way

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