Bitcoin core on new whonix version

Is there anything that I need to configure on the bitcoin core or my whonix gateway when installing bitcoin core and using it? Do I need stream isolation?

How up to date is this? Bitcoin Core - Whonix

And does the same go for monero wallet?


thnx I did reference that docs, but I dont know if it up to date? Like the stuff with ports for stream isolation did not seem up to date when I checked the sperate docs for stream isolation… bitcoin and electrum ports are using same port

These are usually not used together at the same time in the same VM. [1]

But if you’re using these together, just use another port.

[1] (And no, Bitcoin How-to: Use ElectrumX Personal Server in Whonix ™ doesn’t contradict that because in that setup, electrum doesn’t have internet access.)

Any port will do? is every port free? What if I use tor browser concurrently? Maybe you help me in the right direction regarding my questions with all this port and proxy bullshit

Stream Isolation chapter How to mitigate identity correlation in Whonix wiki

Or instead of doing rocket science just use multiple Whonix-Workstation.

These are stream isolated.