TOR port 9051 is default on btc core?!

In the bitcoin config file it says the default port for tor control is 9051. But this is not where the gateway is listening right? Is there any way bitcoin core and monero could connect to clearnet or will they simply fail?

In my bitcoin core gui setting the option to proxy through tor on port 9050 is turned off. But my bitcoin core is still going through the tor network right because of the gateway? Or do I need enable that proxy function in the bitcoin config and set a different port?

Stream isolation is only for optimization. No stream isolation won’t result in IP leaks.

Please refer to documentation and use any of the prepared ports.


Whonix ™ - Overview chapter Whonix ™ Architecture in Whonix wiki

thank you buddy! Can you explain how? In the network tab of bitcoin core the option to connect tor connect through sock5 proxy is unchecked and the placeholder for proxyIP says localhost Port 9050. THANK YOU

Bitcoin Core - Whonix chapter Enable Stream Isolation in Whonix wiki