antiX Linux Distribution

I have been using and testing Antix heavily for a little over a year now.

For the past couple weeks I have been working on starting with Antix core and incorporating the Kicksecure/Whonix packages.

I am loving the results. The minimum use of resources and the added security is a very nice combination.

I would like to add custom icons / backsplashes / theme for Kicksecure/Whonix before releasing an ISO for testing.

I lack in the area of creative design so to speak, so if anyone would like to help in that area, it would be greatly appreciated.

Anyone interested?

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I have an iso uploaded to one of my websites currently. A permanent home/project page will be setup soon for it.

I started with latest Antix ISO – the 19.3 runit net amd64 distro, which is based on Debian Buster. Then added much of Kicksecure to it while utilizing as little of Antix packages as possible.

The kernel that is installed is the latest from Liqourix for the Buster build. This helped to increase operational speed.

The goal by doing this is to visually be able to plot the least amount of files needed in addition to the Whonix/Kicksecure files, for a small and fast Kicksecure distro.

Whomever downloads to test it out, should have no issues with enabling and using wifi.

Currently, the list below is everything that is installed so far.

Tirdad/Tirdad Dkms

Seems like there are a few more I forgot to take note of. Lkrg is not installed yet. I am working on figuring out why its having issues installing.

Opera web browser is installed.

Give it a run and drop some feedback and or suggestions.

It is very easy to customize and remaster. Easy to create other iso’s from. Seems to be pretty quick running as live usb.

it can be downloaded from https: wciso . holt-technology . com

Currently filesize is 797 mb. Will be working on bringing that size down a bit more.

I personally will be using this as my daily os for everything while making adjustments. It so far seems to be stable enough for that.

I forgot to mention. For root login… name: root pass: root

For user login… name: demo pass: demo

Please don’t call it Kicksecure distro. The name Kicksecure is reserved to software officially released on the upcoming domain. [1] Especially if it is being redistributed to third parties such as the public. This is for trademark reasons.

Alternative wording examples:

  • based on Kicksecure
  • fork of Kicksecure
  • software fork of Kicksecure
  • derivative of Kicksecure
  • Kicksecure derivative
  • includes software by Kicksecure
  • Kicksecure based
  • Kicksecure security hardened

If you create a deidcated homepage for antiX Linux distribution you can mention “includes software by Kicksecure” but this is fully optional. ( also doesn’t need to say “comes with GNU GRUB”.)

There will be a Kicksecure ISO released on at some point.

We already got most of the code ready due to the development of Whonix-Host Operating System Live ISO, Whonix-Host Installer where @onion_knight contributed the code for ISO creation. The ISO comes even with a calamares based installer. I don’t think it will be hard to re-use that code to generate the Kicksecure ISO. Probably requires just some adjustments to Whonix build script.

The first steps towards an official Kicksecure ISO would be would be adding this feature to “Whonix build script”. Help welcome! Then also Whonix/Whonix (the build script) should either be renamed to something more generic or forked. I am not sure yet. Would be weird in the final result to tell people “use Whonix build script to build the Kicksecure ISO”. Should become a fully independent project without much reference to Whonix to avoid conflating, confusing things.

Also due to the usual Open Source development conventions it cannot be a binary-only release. Needs to be created using a build script so anyone can rebuild it from source code without any binaries created by Kicksecure.

[1] And from until gets published.

Very glad to learn that software by Whonix / Kicksecure is useful for others and being included in derivatives!

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Kicksecure security hardened. That works.

Btw, Antix isn’t my creation… its a lightweight distro from antixlinux .com

I just happen to love the speed and lack of resources it uses.

Going forward ill be sure to use correct reference.

I’ll take a look at whats done so far on that install script and see if I can lend a hand.

Would be a pleasure.