Make a Kicksecure ISO

I know Kicksecure only has VM’s images for now. But what I’m asking is different. I want to know if anybody would be willing to throw a “monero pot” to make Kicksecure ISO image available? sometimes I need Kicksecure on bare-metal. Sometimes, on virtualization solutions outside of KVM and Virtualbox(GNOME boxes, for example).

Anybody willing or a dead-end idea?

What I do is install debian within KVM and sometimes I do a bare minimum install on a 16GB flash drive.

Do debian 10 install with no windows manager and encrypted right, as a secure LVM. You’ll want to do this as it’s unique to you and assign a passphrase.

Of course for something this small, no swap would be installed. Follow the directions of installing Kicksecure in debian and you now have a legit .qcow2 file from KVM.

You can convert this .qcow2 file to an .img file in which you can restore that .img using the application Disk or Gnome-Disk I believe to another hard drive or flash drive.

You can make multiple versions of Kicksecure from this one VM .qcow2 file. Clone, copy, restore, etc.

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