anon-connection-wizard development


ID: 504
PHID: PHID-TASK-q4f54o4tfyak3h6uerv4
Author: Patrick
Status at Migration Time: open
Priority at Migration Time: Normal


anon-connection-wizard is now ready to be shipped with Whonix14.

However, there are still a large number of improvement can be done:

  • implement bridges information validity check by RE or Tor ERROR complaints
  • merge whonixsetup(cli) into anon-connection-wizard [won’t do] [on second thought, not good idea to mix CLI with GUI application packages]
  • integrate whonix-setup-wizard with anon-connection-wizard T716 [done]
  • implement bridge request via anon-connection-wizard once BridgeDB API is finished #15967

The future goal of anon-connection-wizard is to be packaged as a generic standalone application into Debian so that it can be used by different anonymity focused distributions like Whonix and Tails. In order to achieve it, the following works need to be done:

  • package anon-connection-wizard as .deb [done]
  • make anon-connection-wizard translatable
  • get anon-connection-wizard translated into different languages
  • after doing all the steps above, check if it can be helpful for Tails

Forum discussions: [graphical gui] Whonix Setup Wizard / Anon Connection Wizard - Technical Discussion - #325 by iry



2017-08-31 03:57:51 UTC