Stable. no major showstoppers. Some nitcpicks:

  • I2P and Privoxy still need manual installation. I2P First startup wizard appears. Will have to disable it in conf.

  • Trying to access display setting causes its window to crash and never open.

  • Have you deprecated TBB first start security slider popup? It no longer appears. It’s for the better since it was always broken

  • Let’s switch the forum link from the onion to clearnet


noticed that as well.

We need to fix forum onion link anyway , some contributors wont even open the forum using TLS connection. So better fixing the forum onion link rather than changing it to clearnet.

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Yes, included in changelog.

Yes, that’s expected. Wasn’t done.

Yes, please do.



XFCE start menu -> Settings -> Display? Works for me. Maybe only broken in Whonix KVM? In that case, please start from command line:


Hopefully that will show some error output. Also please try using xrandr directly.


And… Not sure the exact command in KVM.

xrandr --output VGA-1 --mode 1024x768

Maybe https://xorg-team.pages.debian.net/xorg/howto/use-xrandr.html helps.


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Merged. Untested.

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My bad. It works now. I was trying to use the display option that comes from a menu search result.

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Reporting in for the VirtualBox version, 6.0.16, Debian Buster host,
no problems noted, everything works, xfce menu display settings are working for me, no notice for security slider, but I am fine with that; I have the tor shield icon filled in anyway (and also about:config javascript.enabled, false and browser.urlbar.filter.javascript, false)

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Rebooting the VM with its GUI console open and maximized triggers auto resize.

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