ZeroNet on Whonix15


Followed the Whonix Zeronet guide.

I encountered issues. First when retrieving the ZeroNet signing key it gets skipped because of no User ID. Then when I go to start ZeroNet it says that module geventwebsocket is not found. I have tried installing it. Websockets-client… all other things. But still have this issue.

Is this guide up-to-date with Whonix15? How do I get this working? Thank you.

Hello, welcome and thank you for your question!

Keyservers are broken. Documentation not updated yet.

Reference: gpg --recv-keys fails / no longer use keyservers for anything

Get the signing key from another source. Up to upstream. This issue isn’t blocked by Whonix.

Also upstream issue.

See also: Free Support for Whonix ™


Okay I got it working perfect. First - ZeroNet has moved to Python 3. On the WS Template you need to install python3 pip.

sudo apt-get install python3-pip

Then because python3 ZeroNet has a lot of dependencies not met you need to navigate to your ZeroNet folder on the appvm and do:

sudo python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt

It will install everything ZeroNet requires. It will be installed in the ZeroNet folder so stopping and starting the appvm will not remove these as typically happens when you install things in a non-template.

I hope we can get the guide updated soon. Now is a great time to gain new Whonix users due to the fall of 8Chan and the mass migration to ZeroNet. If you confuse them with out of date guides that is potential Whonix users lost.

pip discouraged. Security issue. pip does not verify software signatures yet as far as I know.