Zcash Foundation Grant Proposals 2017 Q4

Hello fellow Whonix users, community and developers!

I’m a member of the Zcash (crypto-currency) community forum, a Whonix user and I have also been hosting Tor nodes for almost 10 years.

I hope to be an active contributor here in the Whonix community also, as a supporter of open-source and privacy related projects.

As the Whonix project is in need of donations and contributions - I wondered if you might be able to add a Zcash (ZEC) donation address on your donations page?

I would also like to make everyone here aware of the Zcash Foundation Grant Proposals 2017 Q4 …

Zcash requires a 64-bit OS currently, although I have been able to get Zcash working via Whonix-Qubes (64-bit)! The initial Zcash Foundation Grant submission deadline is the 15th September 2017 - although other funding rounds will certainly be open in the future (I’m certain)!

I for one, would certainly be keen to see Whonix 64-bit + integrated Zcash (and/or to contribute towards a how-to set-up)!

My own project ‘Zcash on Tor’ has a proposal here:

To clarify, I’m not a Zcash developer or part of the Zcash Foundation. I’m just someone who would like to build bridges between our two communities.