yubikey alternative ?

Hello guy,
I’m actually searching for an alternative to yubikey if possible with NFC for my smartphone (but not necessary if I can use on my smartphone with an OTG cable), the thing that bug me with yubikey is that it need to connect to “yubicloud” but i’m very privacy minded and it can leak information especially if do sensitive stuff over tor…

I’m very new to all these thing can I use a smart card as an alternative ? (amazon smart card reader) and what about nitrokey (100% opensource) ?
If i want to use theses stuff its specially to protect me against bruteforce against full disk encryption of my device (smartphone, my computer encrypted with dm-crypt/lucks)

thanks for your advice guys !

Good day,

For smartphones, this could be an alternative: https://store.nfcring.com/products/v1ntage Pretty much any NFC transmitter could work here. OTG isn’t an option since there are no drivers for using anything over OTG for verification.

For PCs, I always recommend the DIY approach. It’s cheaper, safer and can be done in a few minuites. Here is a guide to it: http://possiblelossofprecision.net/?p=300

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Thanks you for your response
I haven’t specify (sorry) but two factor authentication is a requirement
Can I use 2FA with RFID ?
yeah sorry I’m new in all these stuff I’m a little confused

Then you should comply with the laws in your jurisdiction. Whonix is designed to help you protect your privacy, not evade law enforcement.

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Can I append a question on this thread?
When I try to use YubiKey with Whonix I get an intermittent string of missing characters? So I open up a TXT and the string is inconsistently missing characters.
I know this could be a VM general issue, but I am still getting to know all this.

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