Yggdrasil in WS - Custom IPv6 settings

I installed Yggdrasil (connects over Tor) in Whonix WS. The setup needs IPv6 firewall rules to allow tun0 traffic. This works well when I load the rules manually. Now I want to make them load automatically on startup and when running “Reload Firewall” from the menu. Where is the correct place in Whonix WS to put custom IPv6 rules?

iptables to my knowledge isn’t really “plugin friendly”.

Whonix at time of writing doesn’t have a feature to easily add custom firewall rules. You’d have to invent such a mechanism yourself such as with a custom systemd unit that runs after whonix-firewall.service. Maybe a systemd drop-in would work.

Added to wiki just now:

Additional User Custom Firewall Rules

Information for developers:

related package:

related source code file:

genmkfile has a function which might be useful to port to whonxi-firewall. Function make_function_run has a:

  • _hook_pre, and a
  • _hook_post

might be helpful.

Patches welcome.

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