x86 Heaven of Backdoors

Here is a good materials which makes you run away from x86:

(Oct-2015) Intel x86 considered harmful

(Dec-2015) The Memory Sinkhole ( An x86 design flaw allowing ring -2 privilege escalation) - listen to his lecture “The Memory Sinkhole - Unleashing An X86 Design Flaw Allowing Universal Privilege Escalation

(July-2017) s a n d s i f t e r ( the x86 processor fuzzer) - listen to his lecture “Breaking the x86 Instruction Set

(Aug-2018) rosenbridge ( a hardware backdoors in x86 CPUs) - listen to his lecture “GOD MODE UNLOCKED - Hardware Backdoors in x86 CPUs

(Dons tin foil)

Based on an objective analysis of the devious actions of “you know who”, I think the inevitable future disclosure will show that all US chips were back-doored long ago. Really it will be a “meh” moment for the cynics.

They didn’t let any other law, principle, moral / ethical consideration stand in their way, so it stands to reason they probably took it to the next level i.e. to enable a universal, undetectable backdoor i.e. GOD MODE as you say. It would confer unprecedented advantages in multiple financial, political, military, strategic etc spheres.

Basically all the US corporates have bent over backwards for the state, except for a handful of PR exercise cases aside (think Apple encryption legal case) etc. No one really knows how much collusion is going on, but since corporates are a key part of the surveillance state and already act aggressively in stealing most of your digital data, I don’t think their balls had to be twisted too far to make hardware back-doors (“accidental of course”) available sometime in the years after 9/11.

What is really important is how much longer do we have to wait for proper, fully-featured, open source processor alternative that can run fully modern OS environments e.g. VMs and the like in Qubes OS so we can leave Intel and other predatory US corporate parasites behind.