\x00\x00\x00\x00 arm freeze and fixation

i have opened arm and found it stuck at this page:-

the fixation of this:-

just press double click on restart tor + reload tor. and its going to be work

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Can you please report this upstream?

i was really lost to put this here , sorry had to do some work while reporting it. going to move it to the apparmor. pls remove the topic thnx.

I have removed the topic from the AppArmor forum. ‘arm’ is a Tor status monitor, not related to AppArmor.

yeah sorry , i just newly knew that arm is not related to apparmor. sorry for the past subjects.

to c the answer from trac:-

Just experienced same error after crashing on boot.

Posted solution resolved. Thanks!

From trac, 7 months ago:

Nyx, the rewrite that’s in progress of arm, should be resilient to these
issues. Feel free to reopen if you have any other questions.

Not sure if rewrite has been completed, but not yet perfectly resilient.

Perhaps you are using Nyx yet…

LOL. I thought the post was being addressed to a person named Nyx…

Hello, Nyx. 'nyx' tag wiki - Tor Stack Exchange