WS System loads in tty1

I’m using whonix 14 on vbox. Without any changes to the system two of my WS (regularly updated) started booting in tty1 rather than my graphical desktop.
I’ve managed to log in the tty1 and got to a terminal.

Another clone, that hasn’t been update in a while is fine and loads kde graphical.

startkde in the terminal returns ‘‘DISPLAY is not set or cannot connect to the X server’’

Any ideas?

Run whonixcheck.

I get ‘‘command not found’’

Hi queste

Did you run apt autoremove prior to this happening?

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Quite likely.

Either way the VM is now trashed. Reinstall of VM required.

Study this:

I run autoremove sometimes. Should I never do t? Any chance to retrieve some files?

You need to review the output before doing so.

Chances are very good but also could be quite difficult. See:

Transfer files from one Whonix-Workstation to a different Whonix-Workstation through a VDI file ?

But how do I access the files I want to copy? This does seem complicated but I need a couple of files desperately.

When I try following the monuting steps I get ‘‘qemu-nbd: command not found’’ after running ''sudo qemu-nbd -c /dev/nbd0 ‘/home/VMs/New Group/Whonix-Workstation/Whonix-Workstation-’ ‘’

edit: I guess I don’t know how to create a nbd image

edit2: managed to run the commands without errors but I have no idea what to do after ‘‘sudo mount /dev/nbd0p1 /mnt/workstation’’
I don’t see any new partitions when I open gparted for example. Worth mentioning that my host is a FDE full install Kali linux on a USB stick…

I have finally managed to access the files from my broken workstation. My question is what is the best way to transfer the ones I need from the mounted /dev/nbd partition to a new workstation?

Either mount the disk of the new workstation in the same way. You have to use some other nbd and mountpoint of course. Then copy everything you need. Or attach the disk to the new workstation, boot it and then mount and copy from inside the VM.

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alright, thanks! - one last thing - I want to get some public/private keys from kgpg but I don’t know how to salvage that data and from where

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