WPA2 Broken Bad

Extra!, Extra! read all about it! WPA2 is cracked wide open. It could be an innocent mistake on the part of the standard writers or… a few treats from our friends in Fort Meade. Paranoid hat on says: Aha so that’s why the Snowden docs describing exfiltration of WPA2 network data by drones works!

With the sheer number of outdated routers and phones out there, this is going to hang around for a looong time. You saw it here first.

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Related security fix already applied in Debian (and thus Whonix):

Debian -- Security Information -- DSA-3999-1 wpa

Router upgrades is another question all together. Probably some will never be patched, or not for years.

Assume advanced adversaries have already been using this technique for years. I’d just shut off wifi all together, physically disable it etc.