Worried: Shitton of Handshake warning without any break with obfs4

There are no dnsleaks, however the nyx logs show a lot of warnings including handshakre warnings as long as it is open, it never stops. Before I post the logs, am I under attack or is this expected when using obsf4 in the whonix gateway. Hopefully this is normal, it was literally showing me for every minute the connection was established with the internet: [Warning] handshake … proxy … failed. And the funny thing is: I was able to browse just fine

maybe related:

This one applies:

As for “I am worried about this and that message”, please read:

You’re asking in the wrong place. Whonix doesn’t develop Tor bridges. Whonix source code does not contain textual string “[Warning] handshake … proxy … failed”.

If you want to investigate this further, you need to reproduce the issue outside of Whonix and use the support of the bridge developer.

This is a Linux distribution. It is a compilation of software. The creators of the compilation do not magically become experts on all included software. It is therefore not a unified full service support product. Quote: Self Support First Policy for Whonix

It is impossible for the Whonix contributors to be aware of the solution to each and every problem that is encountered. Users are therefore encouraged to first consider if their problem is general, and unspecific to Whonix.

More background:

ok, but I was not demanding any answers man. I am just trying to get some help in this forum, as most of the people would have had similar xp. Thanks anyway for the links

If you want to help, that’s great! In that case, please raise this upstream and report back here.

The handshake errors are fairly common and is the reason why it’s customary to have multiple Obfs4 bridges in Tor configuration files. I’d say if it works and no leaks are occurring, then you shouldn’t worry.

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