Workstation uses smaller window size - Tor browser also follows - 720p on a 1440p monitor - Windows Virtual Box

New install. The browser window size is 720 as Workstation itself has a reduced window size running on a Virtual Box of Windows. Monitor supports 1440p.

Is this 720p resolution default across all Whonix machines? Will it reduce privacy if we re-size window of Workstation in order to get higher resolution Tor Browser window?

Mentioned here, see: Unsafe Tor Browser Habits.

This this is also unspecific to Whonix and specific to Tor Browser. →

Unfortunately not possible.

Possibly fixable, see:

Otherwise VirtualBox Generic Bug Reproduction required.

Sorry for my late response. I read your points and what I am asking is something different. Do correct me if I am going on the wrong path.

I don’t change Tor browser window size or modify anything as I am familiar about how this can backfire and compromise user privacy. What I am saying is that on a 1440p monitor, the Workstation size is smaller by default and this reduces the size of the browser to 720p.

What I did is not to alter the browser in any manner. But only resized the Workstation window size in order to get a browser resolution of 1000 x 1000 instead of 720p.

Basically the Workstation window starts smaller on Virtual Box which in turn reduces the Tor Browser window size even when the host machine is having a 1440p res.

Does this make any sense? Do let me know. And thank you again!

To answer this, the following wiki chapter has been improved just now:
Unsafe Tor Browser Habits

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