Workstation freezes with too many Tor Browser tabs open

Every time I use Whonix, the workstation ends up freezing. This seems to be linked to the number of Tor Browser tabs open, which I need to limit to less than about 6 if I want the system to be stable for any decent amount of time.

I’ve also had the system freeze with only 2 tabs open. I haven’t experimented with not having Tor Browser open as I haven’t really got anything else I want to use Whonix for at this time and it only seems to freeze when the system is in use.

I haven’t managed to find anything in the logs, is there somewhere in particular I would expect to see something or a way to increase the level of logging for debugging purposes?

Hi anon-mouse

What virtualizer are you using? There is a performance bug that affects KVM which will cause the graphics to lag. A workaround can be found here.

Another possibility is low RAM. Do you have sufficient RAM for both Whonix and your host running at the same time? If you are doing multi tasks on your host, at the same time as Whonix could also cause this to happen (not enough RAM to go around)


This sounds like the VM is running out of RAM. Try to increase the amount of memory assigned to it.

Edit: 0brand was faster :slight_smile: