workstation 15 dropped both noscript and https?

Hi all, my first post here.

I got both whonix-gw-15 and whonix-ws-15 working yesterday, and this morning, created a new VM using whonix-ws-15 template.

The first thing I noticed, is no more addons. Did I miss something? Should I add them back in? I’ve run noscript for years, and can’t imagine EVER not running it.

I’m hesitant to use this new browser, until I know what the “new normal” is.


Hi qubed

The addon icons where moved so users would be less likely to change the default settings. You should use the security slider to change settings.

You can find the icons:

Click Hamburger on upper right hand corner of your screen -> click Customize and you should see them.

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Ahhh I see 'em now, added them back to toolbar… creatures of habit, and all that.

Thanks, and good job on the updates.

Decision by upstream, The Tor Project.