Working with non UTC time

Is it possible to set VMs to another time zone (and have it stay this way)? if so, must the Gateway and workstation work be in the same timezone?

Reason: I want the system time to be same as server time. For example when using Tor before VPN. With UTC this is possible only with UK servers.

Possible. https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Free_Support_Principle applies.

Stop sdwdate, then set the time manually?

By the way, there is a typo in sdwdate’s icon right-click menu. The first option is “Show swdate status” instead of “Show sdwdate status”.

Stop sdwdate not required for setting time to non-UTC. sdwdate sets system time. UTC vs other time zones isn’t related to sdwdate.

UTC vs non-UTC with sdwdate is same like UTC vs non-UTC with NTP.

Thanks, fixed in git master just now.

I see. So I just right clicked on the time, then on “Properties” and selected a value for the Timezone. It changed the clock display, but typing “date” in a terminal still shows UTC.

I tried tzselect, it didn’t change the time zone either.

Then tried sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

That did change the timezone and added /etc/timezone and /etc/localtime files

The clock wasn’t affected though. I changed the timezone there to anything, closed it, then emptied the timezone field to the way it originally was, to force it to update, and it did take the new timezone.

Makes sense?

to test it, I created a simple html file, with the following (in script tags, that for some reason don’t get displayed here):

var offset = new Date().getTimezoneOffset();

I ran it in firefox, and I do receive different results in a workstation that went through this change.

Based on https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1091372/getting-the-clients-timezone-offset-in-javascript

After restarting the machine, things don’t look very good though.

I changed the timezone to America/New_York. Now “date” shows the UTC time but with “EST 2019” at the end.

Any ideas?

Did you manage to get it working? I experienced the same thing. Time starts according to the configured timezone, then changes about a minute later to UTC.

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