Working MAC-address changer for using with Debian/Whonix

The MAC changers that have always been shipped with most Linux distro’s, often did not work well on some Wlan adapters. But Tails now has a working MAC-address changer that works well. Is there a similar working MAC spoofing application for Debian (using Whonix TwoVM or Physical Isolation).

Unfortunately, not. No one has ported the Tails specific macchanger to general Linux yet and to my knowledge, no one is working on it. Help welcome!

Don’t get me wrong. It seems to me, that the Tails devs have done what is within their abilities (which is more than I could come up with!), but that their macchanger is still too fragile and entangled into Tails and GDM, coming with many limitations. Just read their fine design document:
https://tails.boum.org/contribute/design/MAC_address/ And you’ll see what limitations I am talking about.

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