Workgroup for Project from UM-Portugal

We are a workgroup (Jorge Coutinho and Alberto Ferreira) of an MSc in Teaching of Informatics at University of Minho (Portugal), and we are available to do something, like tests for
this this project ,
This contribuition is under class time for 4 months and can involve with 16-18 years old informatic students.
Exists any interest in this kind of work?

We will be greatful for your quick answer.

Thank you


What kind of other contribution? Translation? Code?

Hi Patric.
Thank you for your answer.
Translations, of course , yes .
Code we can try , and testers.
Please feel free to suggest others contribuitions.
We will enjoy this project.
Please drive us the next step .

Thank You.

This is awesome. There is a lot to talk about and there are a lot available tasks. Will you both be able to come on IRC?

#Whonix on

Here are two tasks, that could be doable:

There is a lot more. Also other areas. I can write down lots of more tasks looking for someone to take them.

Whonix is a full operating system. There is so much that needs work. And I am sure, in the process there is a lot to learn.

Hi Patric.
Thank you for your answer.
We will schedule this IRC meeting, with Jorge and me in the beginning next week. please feel free to suggest day and hour.
About the tasks that you suggest , we are very proud to participate and , we will plan to beginning the work next time.

Thank you.


Ok, good, I suggest this…

What about Monday 16:00. (Time zone: CET. Or in other worlds: same time zone as Berlin.)

Please feel free to suggest other times.

OK. That’s right .
We will be available .
thank you, for your availability.
(jmcsoares, AlFe).

I am on IRC now.

IRC session didn’t happen, unfortunately.

I told you my skype * name by e-mail. But never got contacted.

If you can not connect to IRC, you can try this webchat link:

When you are using it with Tor Browser Bundle with Tor Browser in Whonix it works well, just tested again.

(* for anyone wondering, I have skype installed on a secondary system. I don’t like it due to spying, but in some cases it unfortunately is the only reliable thing that works out of the box.)

Maybe they got cold feet. In any case, I think general user experience testing would be best way to get started (especially for young students). Like, try to use Whonix and report back about what was hardest to get working.