Windows-Whonix-Workstation in KVM

I’ve been reading through the docs on using alternative OS’s as Workstation’s and noticed they mostly give setup instructions using VIrtualBox.

Is KVM recommended against in this setup?

Are there any important differences in setup between virtualbox and KVM when it comes to security of an Alternative OS (specifically Windows) as Workstation?

In the table on the “Other_Operating_Systems” page do the benefits of the “Whonix-Custom-Workstation” apply only to the custom image and not a self created Windows-Workstation?

The link to the Custom-Whonix-Workstation .ova file leads to a 404 page btw.

Thank you for all the hard work you put into this OS. Its genuinely unique.


Windows is recommended against regardless the hypervisor.

What do you mean by “self created Windows-Workstation” you mean using A which manually creating your custom VM?

Good catch, cc @Patrick :

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Hi, thanks for the reply
Yes by “self created Windows-Workstation” I mean option A in the article.

I appreciate Windows isn’t a recommended option but in the case where I did want to use it as a workstation, while disabling Transparent proxying and nerfing other telemetry as much as I can, are there any options specific to KVM that should be used that aren’t in the virtualbox guide? I’m basically looking for advice on how to do the virtualbox setup but with KVM.

Yes, its just easier to use custom-workstation but has no special thing that makes it better in security or anonymity if you do the same manually.

No, if you know how to make your Custom-VM in KVM and connect it to the GW then thats it.

Read KVM documentation in case you didnt, and import WS,GW to KVM and see how they are configured.