Windows gpg verification documentation issues

Got this by mail and refusal to post it here with wish to forward it here. I think there is a valid point…

to get it to run i need to download virtualbox, the gateway and the
workstation from https://www.whonix.org/wiki/VirtualBox#Landing, where i
also find the crucial instructions to go by. after download of gateway
and workstation it is required to verify the files with signing keys.
And that is were problems begin. the descriptions of the necessary steps
to obtain the required software to verify are - sorry to be blunt -
horrific. the steps to use Gpg4win are not there, but only pointers can
be found, for example this one:
in the text to be found there are no clear instructions, but also just
pointers to another website, where the mentioned “self-signed
certificate” could be any of at least three yet again pointed to sources.

that can be improved. and should you desire to encourage users coming
from windows to use whonix, it should be.

please see this as friendly feedback from userspace. please understand
also, that i am in no position to determine the precise optimum of
target destination for this feedback and - should you not be the best
choice for recipient - forward it following your own best consideration
in determining such.

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