Will my fingerprint break if I removed the audio card from my laptop?

Will my fingerprint break if I physically disconnected and threw the audio speakers out of my laptop? Will it make me more easily recognizable with fingerprint technology? If I don’t visit any personal ones (social networks / etc) from my work laptop and only do work on it that is not associated with me in any way, can fingerprinting pose any danger to me?

I don’t know if it’s fingerprintable to remove the sound card if that is even possible nowadays. That entirely depends on Tor Browser.

related, Fingerprint.com:
How the Web Audio API is used for audio fingerprinting

But Tor Browser seems to have that “mostly” under control, for details see:
Browser Tests - Whonix chapter Fingerprint.com in Whonix wiki

However, there’s a much worse risk and a dated existing recommendation in the wiki. Quote: System Hardening Checklist chapter Disabling and Minimizing Hardware Risks in Whonix wiki:

Since speakers (all audio output devices) can be turned into microphones, if possible, physically remove speakers on the host and remove/disable the beeper.

Also unspecific to Whonix. The same question could be directed at The Tor Browser Bundle.

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Do you think fingerprinting is dangerous for me if I use my laptop only for work purposes? I don’t go to my social networks and have nothing to do with my real identity. How, then, can fingerprinting compromise me? Yes, the attacker will know a little more, but they still don’t have access to my identity. Am I wrong?

Tips on Remaining Anonymous chapter Study: Anonymity and Pseudonymity are not the same in Whonix wiki

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