will a rdp connection via Workstation make the whole system unsafe(lose its anonymity)?

I have researched whonix for a while and i still feel confused about something.
Will connect to a rdp via workstation make the whole system lose its anonymity? Like leak the real ip or dns?
If connect to a rdp breaks the anonymity and i want a specific location, so the socks5 gonna be the final solution?
Like this setup: Host-vpn> whonix gateway-vpn>workstation-tor-vpn-socks.
And is that possible to operate a vpn in workstation through tor and make it more secure and anonymous? like make the torfied traffic in workstation goes through another vpn again and then go through a socks5.
I am a noob, please give some advice. Ty

IP/DNS leaks: unlikely.

Other risks, see: