Wikipedia Page corrections


Its a small thing, but whoever wrote the whonix wikipedia page neglected to mention the other hypervisors it supports besides VirtualBox, also it should mention that Whonix can technically support all the hardware architectures Debian can if compiled for them.

I would have edited the page myself, but in Wikipedia doesn’t deal with anonymous editors.


“On startup, each VM runs a check to ensure that the software is up to date, and that the date and time are set correctly.”

time is not exactly set correctly

“The Web browser preinstalled in the Workstation VM”

Not anymore

“It is possible for users to force the Workstation to be partly or wholly amnesic by manually resetting it to old states after use, although the developer does not suggest this”

Needs explanation why not.


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There’s nothing we can do to edit the wikipedia. It needs to be edited by people not part of the project, based on primary sources (not our website).

Nonetheless, any feedback we may have on the current state of the article can be listed in this thread.