wiki: Network_Manager - no -kde package (any more?)

wiki: Network_Manager

``> sudo apt-get install network-manager-kde

There (currently) appears to be no network-manager-kde package (any more?).

Feels like the contents are already / now included within the network-manager package itself, which is ‘pre’-installed.

``- so wiki network manager start / install section can be removed / modified. (So people don’t chase their tail looking for a package that doesn’t exist. Right repository? [‘broken’] aptitude not working? Wha …)

At vm install, a network icon already appears next to the time.

Sadly, it has a goofy / alarming big yellow question mark in it.

Some, like myself, will click on it, wonder why there is no network, why isn’t there a network!, ifconfig, poke, prod, and otherwise chase their tail for a while … giving up … to realize, eventually … the network is working fine, the icon’s buggy. (Which anyone familiar with NetworkManager will be completely unsurprised at. But not to ‘blame’ for, here. [As wiki article explains. Should such affected users ever even see it.])

``> make it visible in Network Manger, by editing /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf …

``> managed=true

I suggest that managed=true should be the default / initial whonix setting. (If the icon is going to be present by default - certainly my preference.) At least the yellow question mark goes away, people clicking on it see a ‘viable’ network, stats, think network and life good, and move on.

The wiki notes:
``> That would be quite useful, if changing settings where possible.

(Assuming correct / network changes via that interface are impossible) I would guess that fewer will encounter or be bothered by an inexplicable reason for changes to not take / be enterable, than get puzzled by a mysterious yellow question mark and/or would appreciate seeing stats at first blush / receiving immediate / positive feedback that the network is functioning.

> sudo apt-get install network-manager-kde- can be removed
> managed=true- should be the default


> sudo apt-get install network-manager-kde- can be removed


> managed=true- should be the default

This is difficult.

  • because writing to config files owned by other packages which leads to
    all kinds of issues
  • must make sure it doesn’t have any ill effects now or in future of
    having these interfaces now “managed” by network manager
  • requires separate ticket
  • requires someone working on it
  • ( remotely related https://github.com/QubesOS/qubes-issues/issues/1176 )

[quote=“Patrick, post:2, topic:1740”]This is difficult. - because writing to config files owned by other packages which leads to
all kinds of issues[/quote]

Ack! Sorry … my bad … wiki text gave me the impression that this was a whonix (pre)seeded file.

If it isn’t … same problem as with aptitude, I agree.

Hold on … except … this is a change in the vm, and quite within a reasonable norm of package use.

Guess I’m assuming, then, that the vm is an image, not a result built on the fly at initial vm instantiation time.

Alternately, a /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/30_whonix type file could be seeded?

Isn’t a file that Whonix modifies. That file comes from the network-manager package.

In essence we are distributing VM images. [No matter the meta data, wrapped into ova for VirtualBox, xz for KVM or rpm for Qubes.] The VM images are created using the Whonix build script. Nothing manually. Fully automated. Using tools like debootstrap, apt-get.

Probably not, that’s why I referenced https://github.com/QubesOS/qubes-issues/issues/1176.

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