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A user getting confused with footnotes: configuring Whonix-16/Qubes

Could you add some documentation on how footnotes are used please?

How footnotes are currently used:

  • As a developer notepad. If references such as links to related source code are difficult to find (on search engines or otherwise), then sometimes links are added.
  • For references for statements which are non-obvious such as factual statements: Before someone asks “Where is your evidence/source for that statement?”
  • Comments for auditors: An auditor likely, potentially wondering “Why Whonix recommends/does X, why not Y?”, “Is that secure?”, “Why not Z…?”
  • To express awareness of (usability) issues, existing, related discussions, linking to these. To avoid duplicate tickets and discussions.
  • “If you’re a user and getting confused, check if the footnotes are of any help before asking for support.” - This is useful for common cases where one group of users (for example new users) would be OK with the instructions (avoiding mentioning legacy) while another group of users (for example already existing users) might wonder “wasn’t this different previously, why did that change?”
  • Troubleshooting instructions.
  • For advanced users, additional documentation that would otherwise confuse most users?
  • Do we have sometimes additional instructions for most users?
  • Anything else?

What could be the general recommendation? “If you’re a novice user and want things to be as simple as possible, ignore the footnotes. If you want to explore things in more detail, question things and/or develop, please look at the related footnotes first.” Good?

Maybe here…?

Sure - will look into it.

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Excellent write-up! Can be found here:
Whonix ™ Footnotes and References
Thank you!

Created Template:Footnotes - Whonix and using it on How-to: Install the Stable Version of Qubes-Whonix ™ 16 now where footnotes caused most confusion.

No problem :slight_smile:

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