Wiki edit problems


When I submit changes they never commit to the stable version. Can you please see whats wrong?

When you are logged in and on Whonix ™ for KVM it shows “review pending changes”. Click. And do so.

Also when you edit it will show “Notice: Some of the pending changes affect the area of the page you are editing. (show those changes)”.

Under Login required - Whonix you also see “KVM‎ [pending edits]‎”.

Its not working. Can you please accept the changes?

We ought to make it work. What does not work? What happens?

Javascript disabled?

JS is enabled but it says submitting indefinitely and the changes don’t happen

There was a problem with mediawiki. An error in apache error log.
Updated the FlaggedRevs extension. And needed to reboot the whole
server, probably to get rid of APC cache. [FYI @fortasse] Seems like we
need some script to empty all caches.

Changes are now accepted. Should work next time for you also.