wiki: Dev/Design-Detailed - question

Below every headline it starts with a general description. As general as possible, while even trying to prevent using terms such as Tor.

The second part below every headline is Whonix’s Example Implementation, how exactly Whonix implements the goals stated above.

Seems inconsistent with the paucity of the remainder of the page:

  • Dev/Design-Shared
  • Dev/Design-Gateway
  • Dev/Design-Workstation


Or, to put things another way: Huh? (Which is desired - descriptions, or ‘scarcity’? Not knowing, I can’t even contribute/fix by so editing.)

That is the goal for the links listed below. If you want so, that text should be copied to all of these three pages.

One unrelated thing: please keep the “recommended against” notation. I am convinced, that the word “not” is more easily accidentally overlooked. And also more difficult to grasp for the brain. You might have read about that thesis. So I am trying to avoid the “not”.

If I’m following what you said … the text should be a template inserted to the top of each of the referred pages?


Can’t create the template - no permission.

So you’ll have to give me permission to create pages, or create a template page somewhere (at which point I can edit it - it’s just that I can’t create it).

[Hmmm - no PM facility in discourse, I guess.]

Tried giving you the new page creation right. Please try.

Also created the template, just in case Template:Design Introduction - Whonix.

Private forum messages, discourse supports it, but we disabled it: How to private message other users

Not sure it took.

Not sure I know where to look for a ‘create’ page, either, for that matter.

I did/do still see a ‘but you have no permission to create the page’ - but that could have been a talk page reference.

I did site log out/in, so that isn’t. Perhaps it needs a browser restart, given the number of tabs open on the site.

Let it stand as it is. Once I get around to a browser restart and/or reboot, if the above still stands, I’ll report back.

You’ve created the page, so not being able to create isn’t a showstopper.

Interesting, another tab had:

Creating Help:Page validation

You have followed a link to a page that does not exist yet.
To create the page, start typing in the box below (see the help page for more info).
If you are here by mistake, click your browser’s back button.

So, evidently I have permission. (Got here by clicking on help in “Your changes will be displayed to readers once an authorized user accepts them. (help)”)

And, evidently at least one way of creating a page is to link to a non-existent article - whereupon the site will ask you to populate it.