WickrMe: snap install wickrme error: snap "wickrme" not found

Hello there !

I was trying to install wickrme on whonix for some time now

What i do :

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt install snapd
sudo snap install vlc
sudo apt update
sudo snap install wickrme

And what i get :frowning:
snap install “wickrme” not found"

Do people still manage to install wickr on whonix 16? Thank you in advance for your precious help

Confirmed - but it should be available according to this:

This page also shows it installed on recent OS like Debian 11:

Might be a temporary website issue? You could always do an unsafe download here:


Followed by “snap install wickrme”.

(Unrecommended - you’d be better off raising this issue in the snapcraft.io forum: https://forum.snapcraft.io/)

Also note that Amazon has acquired wickrme. On that basis alone I wouldn’t trust it - far better alternatives are available - see the Chat section of the wiki.


I confirm that the possibility of installing wickr from snap seems to have disappeared. The error, like many “snap “wickrme” not found” and the advice from the wiki does not help.

There might be two issues here which combined are a huge usability mess:

  • WickrMe is responsible: The WickrMe developer might have decided to enable geographic IP blocking (blocking some countries and perhaps Tor, VPNs, etc.) or only allowing specific geographic areas (specific countries). Not allowed / blocked areas would be refused from snap.
  • snap is responsible: At the same time, snap in these cases does now show a proper error message in case of geographic IP blocking.


This is a similar case for a similar application which can be seen in snap web store but when attempting to download it will fail.

Exactly same instructions How-to: Use Wickr Me in Whonix ™ work when using a different IP. I am now certain that this is a IP geo blocking issue.

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