Why websites show IPv6 when I use Tor Browser on Whonix?

Every time I use Tor Browser on Whonix WS, I always visit:

  1. whatismyipaddress. com
  2. myip. ms
  3. whatismyip. com

What I found was: that websites always show me the IPv6 not IPv4.

The IPv6 they show is exactly like this: (I change the number)

  1. whatismyipaddress. com - 4001:831:10f0:0:0:0:0:31
  2. myip. ms -> 5b0d:f270:0:5::443
  3. whatismyip. com -> 3221:23f9:c:67h:0:0:0:3

My question is:

  1. What happened to Whonix?
  2. Does Whonix expose my MAC address?
  3. Why does every website show different numbers?
  4. Why when I close Whonix and access WhatIsMyIP. com from Chrome, this website does not display IPv6 but IPv4?

Nothing. Tor supports IPv6.


Your ISP doesn’t support IPv6 most likely or it’s disabled in your router, operating system or something.

Ohh so good. Thank you very much Patrick for your answers… I do not worry anymore right now.

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