Why use Icedove WITH TorBirdy?

hi there,

i am new to whonix and linux in general, so this may be a silly question, but i dont get the idea behind the statement in the documentation, that one should use icedove together with torbirdy.

i thought the basic idea using whonix is to route my whole traffic through the tor network and no program running on whonix workstation is able to circumvent this…

so isnt the use of torbirdy unnecessary/kind of redundant? :o

thanks in advance for your help and sorry if a should have posted this in the wrong place :slight_smile:

torbirdy does more than serve as a means of connecting icedove to the tor service. it also removes various metadata and tweaks some settings of icedove to make the user experience more secure.

[quote=“whonixer, post:1, topic:1248”]ah ok, thanks :slight_smile:

i connect to a vpn server on my whonix workstation, because i want to establish the following: [my PC] <> [Tor] <> [VPN Server] <> [Internet]

This way i can use many tor non-friendly services (such as most email providers).

If i use Icedove, with TorBirdy enabled, can i still be shure, my email provider only see’s the vpn’s ip?

And just to be sure a 2nd question (because i lack of the deep understaning whats going on:)) Can i be shure that every traffic outgoing from my whonix workstation (ssh, ftp, etc.) is routed through the tor network? So there no caveats?

Many thanks again![/quote]
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Icedove with TorBirdy - user -> Tor -> VPN -> mail proivder