Why is Whonix Repository enabled by default for builds from source code?


    --enable-whonix-apt-repository \
    --whonix-apt-repository-distribution $2 \

Why enable Whonix’s repository by default for qubes-whonix builds from source code?

For Whonix 7 or 8 or so, there was a medium sized “outrage” in the [old?] forums, that Whonix’s binary repository is enabled for builds from source code. Many builders from source code didn’t want this and preferred to update Whonix from source code. Having to opt-out was too creepy for them [even though I asked beforehand if that would be an issue in a blog post or so].

whonixsetup and soon whonix-setup-wizard is pro choice, the perfect balance of not enabling it by default and giving the user the option to opt-in on first boot? Therefore, why enable it by default for the user?

There was no reason. If better to disable by default, that can be changed.

Yes. I recommend to drop those without replacement.

Qubes wants Whonix repository enabled by default for Qubes-Whonix builds.

Updated user documentation on this topic:
APT Repository Default Settings

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