Why is the timezone different?

And Why does whonix know my current time zone? even in my host it is something else and I am suing mullvad openvpn with tcp on my host

It doesn’t. Why do you think it does?

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is has the right time and it does not change when I change the time zone

Timezone in whonix is using UTC:

To protect against time zone leaks, the system clock inside Whonix ™ is set to UTC. This means it may be a few hours before or ahead of your host system clock. Do not change this setting!

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oh shit, that is why when I set another time zone it does not adjust? But my problem is that it is the correct timezone? LOLOL

Two different issues.

If you live in UTC timezone then time can be expected to be correct.

For most others it’s “incorrect”.

How did you change it?
How to you view it?

It’s difficult. One is system setting. Another is user setting.

Confusing but this isn’t the best place to learn the very basics of Linux sysadmin.

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Thanks buddy, I see. So I just viewed the properties of the time in the desktop tile and tried to change there but it does not change

It needs to be done as per documentation link provided.

Whonix ™ specific part:
Whonix ™ unspecific part: Time zone can be adjusted as per Self Support First Policy.

Do you know how to do this with Debian (stable - currently: bookworm) (not Whonix) Xfce yet?