Why does vms still autologin after having changed password?

I did as advised by changing the root and user password both on the gateway and the workstation yet autologin still occurs when booting and mentions user/changeme in the terminal output when starting up both machines.

Why does that still happen if I have changed the passwords?

I would still like autologin however I do not see why/how it is doing that if it is not that the passwords were not still at default somehow. I have checked once booted on the desktop for each logging in with the new passwords with su and the are indeed working so why still they apparent autologin with the default user/changeme?

Just wanting to make sure things are secure and not using the defaults wherever that may be.

Hi Pingaeir

I’m not sure what you mean by changing autologin. Since Whonix is a single user system there is no need to login. Once the passwords are changed the only difference will be - different passwords. The user/change me is not removed.

As long as the passwords have been changed you’re good to go. :wink:

Autologin doesn’t save passwords. It’s a setting that can only be changed as root. I.e. requires root access. That’s the access control.

By changing passwords no effect on autologin is to be expected. Works as expected. This is the Debian or (even Linux) wide default. Whonix inherits that. No changes by Whonix for the mechanism.

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Thanks. Sorry if the question was rudimentary; I do use linux on host machine however I don’t use autologin so was unsure of the protocol.