Why are my gateway and workstation not working correctly?

Hi guys.
Recently I had a mishap, due to my illiteracy in whonix functioning I will not be able to argue their connection with each other, but I will tell for the full picture.
First, my tor stopped working with the bridge, I tried dozens of different bridges, but all in vain, and to my great surprise my tor was able to connect without them (ie, through a direct connection), but I could not use my tor browser!
That is, I could check my ip address on the main page (which is strange, because when I lost the connection because the bridge stopped working, my browser did not load absolutely any pages), but I could not load absolutely any other requests. That said, absolutely all the downloaded applications on my desktop that required an Internet connection worked fine. This was strange to me.
I tried disabling the gateway (without saving its configuration) and then tried giving it a bridge, which it would not accept until I rebooted (tor connections stopped at 2%) and voila! It started working fine with the bridge offered to it. I decided to do the same with the workstation, but restarting it (with a configuration reset) would have resulted in losing the data it contained, which I didn’t want to do, so I decided to make a copy of it and reboot it already. And yes, it was able to connect to Tor without any problems. Tell me, if I run into a similar problem again, is there a shorter way to solve it?
I will attach a screenshot of the error from the tor browser below.
I can also provide any logs as the parent version of the workstation is still not working correctly, unlike the copy I made.
Thanks in advance for your reply!

Check your host’s date/time as well as VMs date/time. Should be reasonably correct +/- 30 minutes at very least.

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