Why am I getting this message when I try to update the Tor browser?

New to Qubes and trying to understand the situation here. Using the Tor Downloader in a Whonix VM I get the message:

Currently installed version: 12.0.2
Downloaded version: 13.0.6

We have not previously accepted a signature yet. Therefore assisted check for downgrade indefinite freeze attacks skipped. Please check the current signature creation date looks sane.

Previous signature creation date: unknown. Probably never downloaded a signature before.

Last signature creation date: August 8 18:35:39 UTC 2022

The signature looks quite old already.

I’m trying to understand if it’s talking about version 12.0.2 having this old signature or the newly downloaded 13.0.6

I made sure the clock is correct, so is this an attack if it is the signature for 13.0.6? I’m doing this all through a Whonix VM so I wouldn’t understand how it’s possible I could have been mitm attacked if so.

There is a link to documentation included in that message. Please read it first.

Tor Browser Essentials chapter Installation Confirmation Notification in Whonix wiki