WhonixVM - vpnVM: How to keep VPN established


I have a setup where I have a separated VM with a connection to a TCP VPN. Setup is whonixVM->vpnVM->User

I am seeing two issues with this setup. One is VPN disconnects very often. Second is while ping is stable around 200ms sometimes I start getting 2kms or even 4kms and then get back suddenly to 200ms.

My question is, if is there any configuration I can put on whonix gateway to keep VPN connections longer as the gateway is ONLY used to connect to the VPN servers. I read in the manual there is a section that talks about this but was not able to see any specific config for this case.

These are questions for VPN experts which aren’t very specific to Whonix.
(Whonix doesn’t have a “randomly stop some VPN connection” anti-feature.)

Recommended to research as per https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Free_Support_Principle

How to keep a VPN functional / automatically re-connect over a slow / unstable connection?

OK thanks, good to know! I though maybe the way it torify using socks in whonix was the cause for this issue and there were other known approaches, knowhing this I will take some research. THanks