WhonixGateway works gr8, whonix workstation stop at login service!

Hey there. I’m not new to whonix and I use it from a lot of time always with VirtualBox.
However since VB always gave me problems of instability I decided to try KVM.

I installed KVM on Lubuntu, latest stable version if that matters.
What I did was following the official guide about KVM on whonix wiki.

With a little difference. B4 importing the images I edited the .xml files.
Simply I changed their location to NOT store the machine files in the default location that is used by KVM.

Cause I wanted both of them to stay in a Veracrypt volume.
Tried whonix gateway and it works gr8. Both the graphical version, both the other version with 192 mb of RAM.
It’s super fast, maybe more than VirtualBox.

Anyway whonix workstation doesn’t work. At the very first boot it’s does stop right after the “Starting Login Manager (graphical desktop environment) kdm in 10 seconds, unless you abort using ctrl +c bla bla blabla”

After that:

Failed to start login service…
Stopping login service…
stopped login service.
Starting login service…
Stopping login service…
stopped login service.
Starting login service…

And it continues for a few times than this happens:

Failed to start network manager
Could not start kdm. Please report this bug!

Why whonix gateway works gr8 and workstation doesnt?

Good day,

did you verify the image?

Have a nice day,


screenshot would be also useful

Yep the image of course was verified. I always verify the images.

Anyway it looks like I fixed my problem by simply updating via apt-get.
So I pressed ctrl +c to prevent the start of kde.
Once I did the upgrade via terminal I restarted the machine and this time I had the chance to log in and finish the starting setup.
Now it looks everything is fine

Could be that Whonix-Gateway KVM has too less RAM by default nowadays?

I doubt it, for my uses anyway. It didn’t have anything to do with the problems reported here.

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