Whonixcheck problems(?), gets stuck

Hello everyone,

after trying to upgrade the Whonix-Gateway, it got stuck at generating locales en_UTC+8 or something like that…

Now I’ve restarted the Gateway with 768 RAM, instead of 128 console mode and wanted to run whonixcheck again and it says now:

“A package manager is currently running. (“apt-get dist-upgrade --simulate” exit code: 100) Waiting for it to finish…”

And nothing seems to happen, no progress at all…do you have any suggestions?

Should I “nuke” the Gateway from orbit and import it in Virtual Box again?

Kind regards,


What Whonix version?

What happens if you run

in terminal?

[quote=“Patrick, post:2, topic:604”]What Whonix version?

What happens if you run

in terminal?[/quote]

I think it’s the current version.

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade says:

"E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run ‘sudo dpkg --configure -a’ to correct the problem.

Okay, it seems to work now, I don’t know why it didn’t in graphical mode, before it got stuck at en_US.UTF-8, now it did everything, running whonixcheck again, to make sure that everything got installed, and trying it also graphical mode.

Edit: Installed Build Version is 9.