Whonixcheck: Outdated: Installed whonix-workstation-packages-dependencies

So whonixcheck is giving me the following warning:

WARNING: Whonix News Result:
✘ Outdated: Installed whonix-workstation-packages-dependencies 3.4.2-1 is outdated!
You should update. You can automatically update using Whonix’s internal updater. Please update using:
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

I wrong the above sudu command in the konsole and even after I do that it still gives me that above warning. I even tried running it a second time around and was informed that there was nothing that had to be updated yet whonixcheck still keeps giving me that above warning.

This is happening with both my workstation and gateway virtual machines. It’s cropped up in the past week. Whonix has been running smoothly for months before this happened.

Hi whonixrocker

You are using Whonix 13. Whonix 14 was released a short time ago and is now the stable release. All users are strongly encouraged to upgrade from Whonix 13 to 14. This should remedy the problem.

Download new Whonix images (recomended):


Upgrade in place:


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Why is upgrading in place not recommended?

Hi whonixrocker

Upgrading in place is OK . Downloading new images has fewer steps to mess up and its always better to start with clean templates and install any needed files from your backups.

Be sure to create backups before you upgrade regardless of what method you use


I’ve done both in Qubes R4.

Upgrade process went smoothly, but the eventual template size was probably 1-2G larger than default download versions. Also, sys-whonix was funky with sdwdate after my upgrade causing eventual Tor connectivity issues.

On the other hand, connectivity has been perfect for the fresh downloaded version.

Since Qubes-Whonix only requires one salt command, I’d just go for a fresh install and blow away the previous version (back up your data first yada yada).

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I’m really not liking Whonix 14 at all. The new KDE Desktop is awkward to deal with. It takes a little bit longer to boot. And even the TOR browser takes longer to start.

I’m also getting a “No command arguments supplied! Usage kdesudo [-u ] Kdesudo will now exit” message every my gateway and workstation boot.

This is even happening on a clean template, though I do have to admit that the clean template performs better (boots faster, tor browser doesn’t take forever to start, etc) than the upgrade in place I did which I plan on trashing.

which virtual machine you running whonix inside?

with little search in the forum you will find this solution:

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