Whonixcheck no longer Writing to tty1

Hi. Today I installed Whonix, after updated also get this error.
This is my first introduction to Whonix so I was a ittle confused about the impact of this error on security.
Also I have a question. During the upgrade for one of the packages, there was a question of leaving the old version or installing a new one. What should be chosen in such cases?

In version with cli, before installing updates, I see how the time is synchronized reaching 100% after I get success from Whonixcheck and run the Workstation.
After update I do not receive any messages about time synchronization or connection with tor. Nothing only repeating the error. I have no idea when to start a workstation. All recommendations say do not use the tor until time synchronization.

Could be a bug. Meanwhile watch journal log.

Not a bug.

This notification feature was replaced by sdwdate-gui.
sdwdate-gui is only available graphical Whonix, i.e. not available in Whonix CLI.

Therefore this notification was disabled by default in whonixcheck. To re-enable you could try:

sudo nano /etc/whonixcheck.d/50_user.conf


Reason why it was disabled in whonixcheck:

  • since this feature was now duplicated in sdwdate-gui
  • whonixcheck did not have a great notification mechanism and Tor bootstrap and timesync can take a long time
  • that whonixcheck code combines waiting for Tor as well as waiting for timesync to be done and is rather difficult to work with (as in improving usability). Rewrite might be good but since it was replaced by sdwdate-gui, there is no priority, so probably not happening.

This code also still runs when whonixcheck is manually started.

related source code: