Whonix XFCE Wallpaper / Background Image

Why not simply replace the background image by a color, or a set of colors?


  • no fighting over the best background image :slight_smile:

  • avoiding additional paranoia “are you 100% sure that this particular image is virus/malware-free?” (saw this argument on a similar thread here a few years ago)

  • one less file!

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Yes, I am open to that too.

However, independently from your reasoning below.
(Which I think which might be invalid but that is a rather minor point.)

Just the default xfce logo is somewhat inappropriate. While XFCE is amazing, the main point of Whonix isn’t a fashion nice looking distribution focusing on that. However, that’s also not a very big importance.

Not sure.


If it’s sourced from packages.debian.org, it’s trusted anyhow.
Even if not.
That’s already violated by using arc-theme which ships lots of artwork.
And even without arc-theme, in theory any image / icon by any could include a backdoor already.

This broke in Debian bullseye.