Whonix XFCE Installation Steps

After reading the docs I am not quiet sure as to what to do after I run both the gateway and workstation through virtualbox. I answered a few questions that popped up in the gateway and then it was just blank. Does that mean I’m good to go and use Tor in the workstation? Apologies for the newbie question.

You want to install XFCE? You had KDE before and now want to upgrade? Just asking cause it looks like your post somehow contradicts the topic, sorry if I got this wrong.

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Hi phaseshift

It is recommended that users follow the advice found under Documentation#Basic_Security_Guide and Documentation#Advanced_Security_Guide. Anonymity is dependent in large part to changing your online behavior. So when time permits you should try to read the rest of the wiki.


Yes you;re good to go. It’s still a good idea to become familiar with opsec (look at )brand;s link) but that’s it! Good to see it so simple to setup that you are baffled :slight_smile:


yeah I was like really that’s it? I eventually got around to doing sudo apt-get to update both gateway and workstation but I was really expecting a whole lot more to do. lol